Offset/Delay Measurements

It is common for media files to have a section of bars and tone at the beginning. Clearly if there is a tone, it needs to be at the correct amplitude. Therefore when Eff works with files with a section of tone, you can apply a measurement window to exclude this portion from measurement and correction. This means that the active audio portion of the file is measured and corrected, but the line-up tone remains at the exact level it was created at, and you can be confident that the measurements reported by Eff were not distorted by the presence of the line-up tone.


There are two ways to use this feature. You can either specify a Start time in seconds, in which case this is the duration from the start of the file before measurement starts, or you can specify a Start time using timecode. In this case, Eff uses the timecode information within the course file, and ‘plays’ the file until it reaches the timecode point specified, and then starts the measurement. The second parameter is always duration, rather than a Stop point, so is always a time in seconds, even if expressed in timecode format.

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