BVE 2014

Emotion Systems Introduces The Emotion Engine At BVE 2014
BVE 2014, London, Booth: L70, 25-27 February, 2014 – At BVE 2014, digital workflow experts Emotion Systems will introduce the Emotion Engine.
The Emotion Engine is a user-friendly software engine that has been developed to deliver loudness compliance to all worldwide compliance standards including EBU R128, within a suite of audio solutions designed to meet file-based media (DPP, MXF, QuickTime, AIFF, WAV, LXF, P2) demands with efficiency and accuracy. The Emotion Engine can be used as a manual, standalone or fully automated solution, integrated within an enterprise system.
The Emotion Engine toolset includes loudness compliance, channel remapping, duplication, audio extraction, Dolby® E encoding and Loudness Range adjustment (LRA).