Customer Case Studies

Click on the following case studies to read about how some of our customers have deployed Eff installations within their workflow.   Encompass Case Study NHK case study   Select one of the following for more information:-

True Peak Processor

By default, Eff applies gain adjustment evenly for all channels, so that there is no change in the audio mix. This process is largely reversible, and the original file could be reproduced by applying a matching attenuation, subject to level of change that was applied, and the bit resolution of the data. However there are …

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Codecs supported

Eff supports a wide range of file types and codecs.   WAV and AIFF Eff supports several ‘flavours’ of WAV and AIFF, including Broadcast WAV (BWAV) and RF64, and can process TWOS and SOWT codecs.   MPG V3 of Eff supports virtually every type of MPEG-2 Program Stream file, as long as the audio is …

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Dedicated P2 Support

Eff uniquely offers dedicated P2 support, available via an option. Once P2 operation is selected, Eff directly opens the CONTENTS folder from a P2 fileset, reading all the XML files to determine which group and order of video and order clips comprise each program, then lets you automatically process the audio to ensure R128/TRB-32 compliance, …

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Operating System and Hardware Support

Ask us if we can support your OS.

Versions and Options

Three versions available to suit all business models.

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