Why we measure loudness

The Broadcast Bridge did a feature about loudness that we worked on for them. “It is all very well being able to quantify the volume of a signal, however, what is important is how loud it is perceived to be. The human ear’s perception of sound changed depending on…” See the complete article from The Broadcast …

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Loudness: File-based or hardware processing?

Emotion Systems Program Loudness Factbook

How many broadcast and post engineers or operators are concerned about loudness correction in real time versus file-based? There is a common misconception that loudness correction, whether it is done by in hardware or software, provides the same quality. This is a subject of frequent discussion with our customers.   For example, an engineer from a broadcast …

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Sniffing glue

Metadata is the glue that binds media files together. Clients tell us that whilst they process huge volumes of work through the Emotion Engine, they would like help with metadata in the file domain. It is a critical area for them and (in their words) it is “the thing that cannot be ignored” in the quest …

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Teamwork wins the day

For those lucky enough to be English cricket-lovers, this summer has bought the unexpected pleasure of winning ‘The Ashes’ against Australia. The term originates from a satirical obituary published just after the tourists won their first series of ‘test matches’ on English soil in 1882, which drily stated that English cricket had died and “the …

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Leo Ticheli mixes TV spots faster with Eff

This full-service production and post company in Birmingham Alabama were an early adopter of Eff, which they took to heart amongst their ‘family of professionals’ after a recommendation by a client.   The facility had been using a Dolby meter to measure loudness, but the results weren’t consistent with the LKFS measurements used by their …

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Match report: MC on tour

“As a result of a meeting with Star at NAB, I recently made a three day visit to Mumbai, which is one of the host cities to the IPL Cricket matches that I’ve been following so closely. By happy co-incidence, there seemed to be a match between the Mumbai Indians and the Chennai Super Kings …

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