Dark side of the moon: The race between money and time

Pink Floyd

It is undeniable that for most people, the events of 2016 may be remembered for a long time to come, as resembling the dark side of the moon, and so, people are hoping to see 2017 in a more positive light. But, this is a newsletter about Emotion and the Media industry, so that is …

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Improve Operational Efficiency_ Use your edit suite just for creative work

Free up your edit suites: automate audio processing • Save time and money by using your edit suite just for the creative process. • Automated processing is faster than real time and requires no supervision. • Loudness processing in eNGINE does not modify the audio mix. The quality of the audio mix is preserved. • …

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­News about audio and file­-based workflows

A favourite topic at IBC was loudness processing for multi platform delivery. Our loudness processor gives you flexibility in terms of what you want to correct. You can actually create content for multiple deliveries at different loudness standards. Especially, for the online where the environment isn’t so favorable for listening. (Watch this 1 minute video.) …

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Dolby demystified

Dolby E Demystified: An Insider's Guide

We get a lot of questions about audio processing and Dolby E and wanted to share some of the most requested info with you.   1. Dolby guardband – How to prevent playout errors Decode or playout errors can be caused by misaligned guardband.   As Dolby E encoded audio uses a frame-based structure, the …

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Why we measure loudness

The Broadcast Bridge did a feature about loudness that we worked on for them. “It is all very well being able to quantify the volume of a signal, however, what is important is how loud it is perceived to be. The human ear’s perception of sound changed depending on…” See the complete article from The Broadcast …

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Loudness: File-based or hardware processing?

Emotion Systems Program Loudness Factbook

How many broadcast and post engineers or operators are concerned about loudness correction in real time versus file-based? There is a common misconception that loudness correction, whether it is done by in hardware or software, provides the same quality. This is a subject of frequent discussion with our customers.   For example, an engineer from a broadcast …

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