Perfect Pitch for Audio Frame Rate Conversion

Program Loudness and loudness compliance for post and boradcast televsion by using automated file based processing for audio

A lot of high-quality content is shot at 24 frames a second and then converted to 25 or 30/29.97 frames a second for distribution. A convenient way to preserve quality is to do this as a speed change to 25, and 3:2 pull down for 30/29.97. This way, the video quality is preserved.   But, …

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3 Biggest Topics at NAB (and short video)

MC at NAB on stream processing and editorial efficiency

At NAB, in addition to the regular audio processing that we do (Loudness, Dolby, etc.) a lot of people showed interest in these topics:   1. MOV / ProRes and MXF – channel labeling, automatic language tagging, and all of the other processing requirements   2. Editorial efficiency – automating mundane tasks and saving time …

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Engine crosses the chasm

What people do with tapes, they will want to do with files   “What people do with tapes, they will want to do with files.” This simple idea has formed the basis of our technology. When we started, loudness was a dominant topic and our early conversations with customers led to us designing our first …

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Nobby-san, Hot Springs and the Aston

MC drives the Aston in Japan

        “My mission of introducing Engine to Japan was made at the great personal sacrifice of missing the first English test at Lords,” says MC. “But it had to be done for the good of UK plc. And what a great game I missed. Thanks to Cricinfo, I followed most of it …

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Dolby E Doodle Doo

Dolby E Processing

Dolby E is a great technology that was designed for real-time operation;  it also allows useful metadata to be carried within Dolby E structure. So when we incorporated Dolby E Encode and Decode in to Engine, we spoke to a lot of customers about their issues and problems. Many customers have problems with Dolby E in …

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Track replacements and News [re: Telestream]

NHK logo

Early 2013, we had a request from NHK. They have a number of Avid Suites making daily content and needed a method to quickly extract audio from the files and deliver it to their Fairlight suites as .wav’s with timecode. The Fairlight was used to overlay an Video Description (AD) soundtrack which would then be …

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