Stereo, 5.1 or multi-channel?

Eff is unique in that it can correctly handle multiple audio tracks, in many different ways. For example, the most common audio format in files is stereo, which of course is processed correctly within Eff. But what happens if there are four separate stereo pairs within the media file, and each file is a different language which potentially needs to be processed to a different countries loudness requirement? With Eff, this is simple. Eff can measure and correct different stereo tracks to different loudness specifications.

Eff has a flexible channel layout configuration page which allows the user to configure the behaviour of Eff when a given number of channels are present within a file.
In this example, a file containing 8 tracks of audio will treat them as a 5.1 set, followed by a stereo set.

So what happens if your mov file has just a 5.1 audio track? No problem, Eff is configured for a six-channel file to be treated as 5.1, and Eff will correctly measure the combined loudness, and adjust all six tracks to maintain the original mix, but now complying to a configured loudness specification. Similarly, Eff will cope if you have a media file containing 5.1 and stereo audio. The 5.1 section is processed separately to the stereo section, so both parts are adjusted independently, and will each meet the loudness targets.


A85 R128 Loudness

Alternatively, in some Post applications it is common to have individual WAV or AIFF files for each element of a 5.1 track. Using Eff, you can open all six files, measure the combined loudness, and if required create new versions of all six files which comply with your loudness target! (not available with Eff Measure)

The configuration section on the right of the above dialog lets Eff look for unique strings within filenames, so that instead of selecting each individual file, you point Eff at a folder of six files, and Eff correctly assigns each file into its place within the overall signal.


Watch this video for more information on Eff works with Multifiles


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