True Peak Processor

By default, Eff applies gain adjustment evenly for all channels, so that there is no change in the audio mix. This process is largely reversible, and the original file could be reproduced by applying a matching attenuation, subject to level of change that was applied, and the bit resolution of the data.

However there are occasions when it is not possible to meet multiple requirements by simple gain adjustment. In particular, a common requirement within Europe is for files to meet both a Program Loudness target and a True Peak target. Note that R128 expects True Peak to be measured using the algorithm described in BS1770-3, which of course is the algorithm used in Eff. If the dynamic range within the file is large, it may not meet both requirements. For instances like this, Eff Comply contains a True Peak processor.

The True Peak Processor uses our unique algorithm, named ‘DNA’, to selectively reduce the gain of peak regions that would otherwise exceed a True Peak specification. Using this option, Eff can process files to meet a Program Loudness target and a True Peak target, and the processing applied by Eff is virtually inaudible.

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