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Download Eff to test our manually controlled tool for interactively measuring and correcting Loudness in Media files.

Download Engine to test our Audio Server, capable of Loudness compliance, Dolby E transcoding, channel mapping and other functions.

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Engine and Eff both display a dialog of available options each time you open the application. Unless you know exactly which options you wish to test, we recommend selecting everything so that you have full access to all features. As you become familiar with the software you can then adjust the selection to those that meet you requirements.

Evaluation Terms

Our evaluation software is fully featured, apart from expiring after a time. Evaluation licenses are provided for you to test the functionality, but you are not permitted to do commercial work with an evaluation license.

Mailing List

Please note that everyone who registers for our free evaluation software will be sent a short series of emails relating specifically to the product that you choose to download. You will also be added to our general mailing list. We keep the number of emails sent to a minimum, and try hard to ensure that the content is interesting and relevant. Every email sent contains an unsubscribe link at the bottom. We never give away or sell any customer contact information, and it is only used to provide you with updates on our products and services.