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  • Engine Version 7 at IBC 2017

    For those of you who were unable to visit IBC, Iain has made a short video showing the Version 7 release of Engine, and the newer Engine features that are now available in the product.

  • Why are Loudness and PPM important?

    Why are Loudness and PPM important? Loudness and PPM are used as references to control the maximum audio levels in broadcast material. The issue is that a program and the commercial that follow it may have the same maximum PPM levels, but the commercial will frequently be perceived as louder. Having a loudness measurement means …

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  • Engine Trial: Getting Started

    It’s really easy to install your Engine trial. Check out the short videos below to get started. Engine installation on Windows Create a simple workflow using Engine V7  

  • Engine Trial: Video Tutorials for Specific Modules

    Here are some videos to help you get the most out of your Engine trial.  Click on any of the following to jump straight to the required video, or scroll down to see all videos. General “getting starting” information Installing Engine on Windows platforms Installing Engine on Apple OSX platforms Creating basic workflows Creating Multi-stage …

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  • IBC – of gin and joints

    I was reading the Devoncroft report and noted a quote that read, “We want as fine-grained media services as possible… it’s very common to have a company say ‘we do it all’… we can QC the video, transcode it, caption alight it, normalize the audio… What we don’t want to do is feed things into …

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  • Automating iTunes authoring, mastering, and the new compliance requirements

    If you authoring and mastering iTunes and using -24 LUFS as per the new spec, you may want to read on. (Here’s a link to Apple ‘s spec for ProRes Audio Channel Data Assignment and Levels, in case you’d like more detail.)    We’ve heard that a lot of the clients who require transmission ready files also need …

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