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  • Dark side of the moon: The race between money and time

    It is undeniable that for most people, the events of 2016 may be remembered for a long time to come, as resembling the dark side of the moon, and so, people are hoping to see 2017 in a more positive light. But, this is a newsletter about Emotion and the Media industry, so that is …

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  • VOD

    VOD (Video on Demand) Applications   As broadcast moves from solely using terrestrial or satellite transmission, to also being carried over the internet, and consumed on mobile devices, there is a major paradigm shift. Traditional broadcasts worked with a schedule, but internet-based broadcasting is largely an on demand service – viewers choose what they wish …

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  • Integrations

    A number of manufacturers have created Engine integrations for their products. Some of these, like Vantage from Telestream, Orchestrator from Aspera, and Ingest Funnel from EVS are available as standard items. Other companies, such as Snell/Mantrics and Tedial can provide custom integrations.   Using Engine within a Telestream Vantage Workflow

  • Dolby demystified

    We get a lot of questions about audio processing and Dolby E and wanted to share some of the most requested info with you.   1. Dolby guardband – How to prevent playout errors Decode or playout errors can be caused by misaligned guardband.   As Dolby E encoded audio uses a frame-based structure, the …

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