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  • Teamwork wins the day

    For those lucky enough to be English cricket-lovers, this summer has bought the unexpected pleasure of winning ‘The Ashes’ against Australia. The term originates from a satirical obituary published just after the tourists won their first series of ‘test matches’ on English soil in 1882, which drily stated that English cricket had died and “the …

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  • Engine crosses the chasm

    It began with eFF   “What people do with tapes, they will want to do with files.” This simple idea has formed the basis of our technology. When we started, loudness was a dominant topic and our early conversations with customers led to us designing our first product, eFF. Back then, post houses ‘The Mill’ …

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  • How Leo Ticheli Productions mixes TV spots faster with eFF

    Leo Ticheli mixes TV spots faster with eFF   This full-service production and post company in Birmingham Alabama were an early adopter of eFF, which they took to heart amongst their ‘family of professionals’ after a recommendation by a client.   The facility had been using a Dolby meter to measure loudness, but the results …

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  • Loudness Solutions

    Emotion Systems has two products for achieving Loudness Compliance   eFF is our ‘desktop’ tool, designed for manual and interactive operation, although it can be used with a watchfolder. The results of analysis are presented in the UI, along with measurements, logs and graphs. You can request a PDF report if required. Based upon the …

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  • Track Replacement

    As from IBC 2015, eNGINE systems can include Track Replacement or Extraction   These new functions provide access to multiple inputs into eNGINE, or multiple outputs from eNGINE. These are configured as a main media file, such as MXF, MOV, GXF or LXF, and multiple WAV files containing extra audio. Read on for more detail …

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  • Upmix and Downmix

    eNGINE is the perfect tool for your upmix and downmix needs, covering all essential requirements.   eNGINE incorporates world leading Upmix and Downmix technology developed by Soundfield.   The Upmix technology uses a unique algorithm which extracts the ambience from the direct sound and differentiates itself from other approaches to upmixing through its adaptive nature. The detailed …

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