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  • Applied Technology: Dolby E Workflow – From Content Creation to Playout

    From creation to broadcast to transmission, audio content requires similar processes but with different variations depending on where the content is in the workflow. This article will briefly discuss content requirements, workflows, and the role that Dolby E has as a part of this transmission chain. In each case, Dolby E based processing and other …

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  • Perfect Pitch for Audio Frame Rate Conversion

    A lot of high-quality content is shot at 24 frames a second and then converted to 25 or 30/29.97 frames a second for distribution. A convenient way to preserve quality is to do this as a speed change to 25, and 3:2 pull down for 30/29.97. This way, the video quality is preserved.   But, …

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  • Playout Normalisation

    Playout Normalisation   Playout systems are typically designed to work best with one standard type of files. Files from suppliers come in a wide range of types. File “Normalising” is the process of converting all of those input formats in to the required standard type needed for playout.     The most common playout format …

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  • 3 Biggest Topics at NAB (and short video)

    At NAB, in addition to the regular audio processing that we do (Loudness, Dolby, etc.) a lot of people showed interest in these topics:   1. MOV / ProRes and MXF – channel labeling, automatic language tagging, and all of the other processing requirements   2. Editorial efficiency – automating mundane tasks and saving time …

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  • Loudness

    Loudness: File based or hardware processing? How many broadcast and post engineers or operators are concerned about loudness correction in real time versus file-based? There is a common misconception that loudness correction whether it is done by in hardware or software, provides the same quality. This is a subject of frequent discussion with our customers.   For …

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  • Meet

      Enter   Let’s meet at NABOnline meeting is bestMeet at my facility   Contact me by phoneI prefer emailSMS is best         NEW AT NAB • New Loudness Processing No matter where in the world you are delivering content, audio delivery specifications are evolving. To satisfy this requirement our new loudness …

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