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  • What should I look for in file-based audio correction?

    File-based audio correction presents a number of challenges. You may wish to work with a variety of media files, e.g. mov, wav, or different flavours of mxf files. The media file may have audio that isn’t solely programme content. For example, tone and silence at the beginning and residual audio at the end. A compliance …

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  • Company Policies

    This page contains statements concerning Emotion Systems policies and approachs to a range of matters. Modern Slavery Emotion Systems takes an ethical stance on our own environment, and of our suppliers. We therefore seek to only purchase goods and services from trustworthy organisations who can be relied upon to treat any vulnerable people within their …

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  • Loudness Compliance: Download the 10-Point Checklist

  • Loudness Compliance: The 10-Point Checklist

    Historically we had peak-level based (PPM) audio measurement and the compliance spec said we were not to pass a certain PPM level. Commercials exploited this by keeping the sound close to the maximum peak, and as a result, it was louder.   The new loudness specification Over the last few years, the audio specification has …

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  • Engine Version 7 at IBC 2017

    For those of you who were unable to visit IBC, Iain has made a short video showing the Version 7 release of Engine, and the newer Engine features that are now available in the product.

  • Why are Loudness and PPM important?

    Why are Loudness and PPM important? Loudness and PPM are used as references to control the maximum audio levels in broadcast material. The issue is that a program and the commercial that follow it may have the same maximum PPM levels, but the commercial will frequently be perceived as louder. Having a loudness measurement means …

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