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  • The eNGINE – Audio Solutions For Media Files Made Easy.

    The eNGINE is a file-based, automated signal processing system for processing and handling audio tracks within broadcast media files- MXF, QuickTime MOV, DPP. Download a fully-functioning, 10-day, trial of eNGINE now. eNGINE from Emotion Systems Easy to use Flexible, fast and easy to set up and edit complex workflow sequences Configure eSP to only include …

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  • eFF Loudness Compliance For Media Files – 15-2-15

    Operation – Output the same format of media file as input Media file support – MXF, QuickTime MOV, AIFF, WAV, DPP, LXF, GXF files Speed – operates faster than realtime Download a fully-functioning, 10-day, trial of eFF now. eFF from Emotion Systems easy to use measure and fix Loudness and True Peak within a media …

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  • eNGINE

    The eNGINE is a flexible and scalable audio server, either used for achieving medium to high levels of processing in an automated environment, or for providing cost effective flexibility in large Post Production facilities. eNGINE is modular product, with a basic, single-function version being extremely cost-effective. Complex workflows can be realised by purchasing multiple modules, …

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  • eCODE

    eCODE – a File-Based Transcoder for Dolby E   eCODE is a software solution for Windows, OSX and Linux platforms, that provides faster than real time Dolby E transcoding from a source MXF/MOV file, and outputing to either a PCM WAV or Dolby E encoded WAV as appropriate.   eCODE has an easy to use …

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  • Products

    Products R128/A85 Loudness software for loudness compliance in file-based workflows More Audio track re-mapping, audio track replication, audio re-work and repair in media files More Dolby E encode to Dolby E WAV, or decode to PCM WAV, direct from MXF, MOV, LXF, GXF, WAV and AIFF More File-based, automated workflows, including all features of other …

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  • Workflow Support

    Workflows using Emotion Systems tools   Although most of our website concentrates on our various tools, a number of customers have contacted us asking how they might use our tools as part of achieving complex workflows. Therefore, here we present a number of workflow examples from our customers, and describe how our tools can meet …

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