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  • Match Report 1

    Match Report: MC on Tour   “As a result of a meeting with Star at NAB, I recently made a three day visit to Mumbai, which is one of the host cities to the IPL Cricket matches that I’ve been following so closely. By happy co-incidence, there seemed to be a match between the Mumbai …

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  • Ericsson France

    Ericsson France   Back in October 2013, Ericsson France were planning a brand new file-based playout facility. Their client, Canal Plus, was supplying content that required a number of audio workflows applied to MXF Files to ‘normalize’ the media and make it suitable for playout. The processing requirement of around 2,500 files a month meant …

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  • Audio Commentary mix now available

    AD Mix :  Descriptive Video (DVS) mix now available   Following a number of client request and discussions – as is typical of our product development style – we’ve added the ability to pre-mix an AD Mix track (audio descriptor / video description) to the Emotion Engine.   Whilst local broadcast regulations demand a certain …

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  • Products

    File based audio processing on a wide range of file formats. R128/A85 Loudness software for loudness compliance in file-based workflows More Audio track re-mapping, audio track replication, audio re-work and repair in media files More Dolby E encode to Dolby E WAV, or decode to PCM WAV, direct from MXF, MOV, LXF, GXF, WAV and …

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  • The eNGINE – Audio Solutions For Media Files Made Easy.

    The eNGINE is a file-based, automated signal processing system for processing and handling audio tracks within broadcast media files- MXF, QuickTime MOV, DPP. Download a fully-functioning, 10-day, trial of eNGINE now. eNGINE from Emotion Systems Easy to use Flexible, fast and easy to set up and edit complex workflow sequences Configure eSP to only include …

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  • eFF Loudness Compliance For Media Files – 15-2-15

    Operation – Output the same format of media file as input Media file support – MXF, QuickTime MOV, AIFF, WAV, DPP, LXF, GXF files Speed – operates faster than realtime Download a fully-functioning, 10-day, trial of eFF now. eFF from Emotion Systems easy to use measure and fix Loudness and True Peak within a media …

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