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  • Integrations

    A number of manufacturers have created Engine integrations for their products. Some of these, like Vantage from Telestream, Orchestrator from Aspera, and Ingest Funnel from EVS are available as standard items. Other companies, such as Snell/Mantrics and Tedial can provide custom integrations.   Using Engine within a Telestream Vantage Workflow

  • Dolby Demystified

    We get a lot of questions about audio processing and Dolby E and wanted to share some of the most requested info with you.   1. Dolby guardband – How to prevent playout errors Decode or playout errors can be caused by misaligned guardband.   As Dolby E encoded audio uses a frame-based structure, the …

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  • Thank you

    Thank you!

  • Loudness: File based or hardware processing?

    Loudness: File based or hardware processing? How many broadcast and post engineers or operators are concerned about loudness correction in real time versus file based? There is a common misconception that loudness correction, whether it is done by in hardware or software, provides the same quality. This is a subject of frequent discussion with our customers.   …

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  • Channel Growing

    Channel Growing – increasing the number of audio channels within a media file   Whilst not an application itself, channel growing is an important function that may be needed to realise specific workflows. In essence, this converts a media file to a media file with a greater number of audio channels. For example, you could …

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  • Conditional

    Basic Workflows within Engine (Recap)   Engine workflows can be one of three distinct types. The simple ones carry out one function, such as loudness. More complex sequences can be configured, and these will do a pre-programmed sequence of operation, such as Loudness, followed up Upmix, followed by Dolby E encoding.   Conditional Workflows within …

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