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  • Nobby-san, Hot Springs and the Aston

    Nobby-san, Hot Springs and the Aston       “My mission of introducing Engine to Japan was made at the great personal sacrifice of missing the first English test at Lords,” says MC. “But it had to be done for the good of UK plc. And what a great game I missed. Thanks to Cricinfo, …

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  • Dolby E doodle doo

    Dolby E Doodle Doo   Dolby E is a great technology that was designed for real-time operation;  it also allows useful metadata to be carried within Dolby E structure. So when we incorporated Dolby E Encode and Decode in to Engine, we spoke to a lot of customers about their issues and problems. Many customers have …

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  • Track replacements and News [re: Telestream]

    Track replacements and News [re: Telestream]   Early 2013, we had a request from NHK. They have a number of Avid Suites making daily content and needed a method to quickly extract audio from the files and deliver it to their Fairlight suites as .wav’s with timecode. The Fairlight was used to overlay an Video …

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  • try

    Yes, I want to try Emotion Systems evaluation software.   Enter your contact details, choose product and platform, press Submit, and the evaluation installer will automatically download to your computer. Double click the downloaded installer and select standard defaults through the installation. At the end of installation, you are guided to the license activation process, which …

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  • Match Report 1

    Match Report: MC on Tour   “As a result of a meeting with Star at NAB, I recently made a three day visit to Mumbai, which is one of the host cities to the IPL Cricket matches that I’ve been following so closely. By happy co-incidence, there seemed to be a match between the Mumbai …

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  • Ericsson France

    Ericsson France   Back in October 2013, Ericsson France were planning a brand new file-based playout facility. Their client, Canal Plus, was supplying content that required a number of audio workflows applied to MXF Files to ‘normalize’ the media and make it suitable for playout. The processing requirement of around 2,500 files a month meant …

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