Audio Solutions for Media Files – MXF, QT/MOV, LXF, GXF, MPG (PS), WAV, AIFF

Supporting SD, HD, 4K and UHD

The team at Emotion Systems have worked in the industry for a long time. One trend we have observed is that customers are being asked to do more work, with fewer staff. Companies are working to reducing margins. We also learned that when making and broadcasting content, there are many excellent tools to help get the video right, but once the audio has been mixed and added to the media file, there isn’t so much available. And yet it is at this point that multiple versions are required to create all the required deliverables. We thought we could help.
How could a team of video and manufacturing engineers help with audio challenges? We applied the same principles we’ve previously learned. Make products easy to use. Make them reliable and robust. Develop tools to automate the most repetitive task. Provide great support to our customers.
So that is Emotion Systems.
Over the years we have had the privilege with working with many fantastic customers. As well as being our customers, they have provided the initial ideas for most of the great features you’ll see in our products.
You can find details of our software products on other pages on this site. Below you can see some of our customers, and you can click the videos to hear what they have to say about our products, and the quality of our support.

Hear what our customers have to say

Dave Carstairs from The Ark talks about Eff

Ricky Martin from Evolutions discusses Engine.

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