Increasing Efficiency With Automated File-Based Audio Processing

Supporting MXF, QT/MOV, MPG (PS), and WAV, in SD, HD, 4K and UHD


The Emotion Systems Engine is flexible, modular software that saves media organizations time and money by automating repetitive audio processing, including comprehensive loudness compliance to any worldwide standard (R128, CALM, ATSC A85, Netflix), and tasks that otherwise would be performed in an edit suite.

With Engine providing scalable audio processing that grows and adapts along with your business, you can reduce the time, cost, and complexity associated with generating multiple deliverables from a single master.

  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Accelerate processing workflow
  • Reduce reliance on edit suites
  • Ensure reliable, consistent, error-free results
  • Scale processing with demand
  • Simplify workflow configuration and control
  • Deliver audio in virtually any format
  • Monitor processes in real time
  • Produce comprehensive reports

Choose from the Engine software modules to get the processing functionality you need for critical tasks including loudness processing, Dolby E transcoding, stream processing, file wrapping, audio channel add/remove, language tagging, pitch correction, and more.

Take Engine for a Test Drive

With its intuitive visual workflow creation tool, Engine requires minimal training. You can take advantage of flexible automation options to control Engine from various API-based tools including Telestream Vantage and Aspera Orchestrator, as well as the included Watch Folder system or Emotion Systems’ network client tool. A built-in job management system helps you to keep projects on track and on schedule. We collaborate with you to make it work.
Efficiently normalize files supplied in a wide range of formats so that all media is in the standard input format accepted by your playout system.
Packaging for Online / Broadcast Delivery
Whether you’re preparing content for online or broadcast delivery, or both, you can rely on Engine to provide tools that greatly simplify and automate commonly required tasks.
Dolby E Encoding / Decoding
Implement processing modules for Dolby E encoding, Dolby E decoding, and Dolby E guard band correction so that you can work effectively with Dolby E in the file domain.
Content Localisation
Language tagging and more
Loudness and Compliance
Ensure your content is compatible with worldwide standards including ATSC A85, CALM, and EBU R128 and with the Netflix audio profile. Apply Loudness Range (LRA) correction at the scale required by your content.
Channel Mapping
When content is supplied in different formats, use the channel mapping option to manipulate the channel layout to suit the needs of your playout center.
Upmix / Downmix
If you want to create a stereo or surround sound version of audio but don’t have access to the master (or a lot of time for money to take it into your edit suite), just use the Engine upmix or downmix module.
File Manipulation
When you need to deliver high-quality audio in any and every format needed for multiplatform distribution, our Engine audio processing software makes it fast and simple. Deploying quickly and with responsive support from our technical team, Engine allows you to build the efficient, agile media supply chains essential to modern content preparation and delivery.

“Measuring loudness levels in Dolby files is very hard to do, but Emotion Systems enables us to not only do this rapidly and with confidence, but also correct files that don’t meet spec, too.”
“Loudness requirements are quite complex to achieve. Emotion Systems have the most comprehensive solution that is fast and simple to use.”
“Emotion Systems has really helped our workflow, and it’s good to have a team that responds to the demands we face in the field.”
“In order to provide multiple deliverables we use Engine to execute 60+ workflows, from loudness to Dolby E encoding, upmix, and more. Every workflow is always accurate and repeatable.”
“Emotion Systems’ Engine has been an absolute success. We’ve basically increased our efficiency twofold.”
“We needed a solution fit and tailored to certain clients. Emotion Systems were happy to develop and tweak technology — and work with us to make it work.”
“When you need to be agile, and want a like-minded vendor who can work with your needs and changes, it’s Emotion Systems.”

Dave Carstairs from The Ark talks about Eff

Ricky Martin from Evolutions discusses Engine.

The Emotion Systems Engine is a flexible, easy-to-use software-based product that saves you time and money by automating repetitive audio processing tasks that otherwise would be performed in an edit suite.
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