­News about audio and file­-based workflows

A favourite topic at IBC was loudness processing for multi platform delivery. Our loudness processor gives you flexibility in terms of what you want to correct. You can actually create content for multiple deliveries at different loudness standards. Especially, for the online where the environment isn’t so favorable for listening. (Watch this 1 minute video.)



There was a lot of talk about new language requirements and the need to package and tag content with different languages. Engine lets you package and language tag files to suit, prior to delivery. We just worked on a project with a playout facility to solve this very issue.


The new conditional workflow module was a hit at the show, too. We heard that you need to deal with myriad file types and are looking for a system to figure out what processes are needed and just do it. No need for an operator to determine what’s needed – Engine will do it for you.


If you have a workflow or signal processing challenge you’d like to discuss, let us know.

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