3 Biggest Topics at NAB (and short video)

At NAB, in addition to the regular audio processing that we do (Loudness, Dolby, etc.) a lot of people showed interest in these topics:


1. MOV / ProRes and MXF – channel labeling, automatic language tagging, and all of the other processing requirements


2. Editorial efficiency – automating mundane tasks and saving time


3. Pitch shifting – preserving perfect pitch when speed changes from 24 to 25 fps



Here’s a one minute video from MC from the NAB showfloor.


Having developed a wide range of modules for the Engine, what we found is there are a lot of applications in the edit suite environment and essentially we’re trying to replace mundane, boring tasks that take up human power and tie up the edit suite – we solve that issue by automating those tasks. Primarily it’s to do with loudness, track mapping, channel extract, channel replace, growing the number of channels. All these tasks are non-creative and they also require human effort, but they’re automatible.

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