About Us

Why did we start?
We regularly had contact with people in Playout, Broadcast and Post Production who were used to working with tape, and they said that moving to a file-based environment created significant difficulties and extra work. They asked for products that would save them time, and that were flexible and easy to use.
The most common request was both a simple way of dealing with Loudness requirements, and some help in understanding exactly what those requirements were. It is really those two thoughts that led to the birth of our company, and our first product, Eff.
Eff is a great product and we showed it to lots of companies. It was well received, but as people started to appreciate what is possible with files, new requests started to come in, and we were asked if we could include Dolby E encoding in files, or to remap the audio content. More generally, the question was – is there an easy and automatable way to normalise media files for playout? At the time there was not, and this demand led to the creation of Engine.
So that is what we stand for. Listening to your needs, and creating products that fulfil your requirements and remain easy to use. If you are looking for products like that – talk to us!

Our Company
Emotion Systems focuses on addressing signal processing requirements in File-Based workflows. We provide high levels of engineering, fast and easy to use manual and automatable tools for maximum operational efficiency, and we provide scalable toolsets for processing very high volumes of media.
Emotion Systems software tools process and create files in the following formats
– MXF, MOV/QuickTime, LXF, GXF, MPG (PS), WAV, AIFF, Dolby E (option)
Other formats, such as P2, are supported for special projects. Please contact us with requirements.
Our tools provide comprehensive reporting for assured compliance and client feedback. Report customisation is also available to ensure that reports to your clients contain your own branding.
As we research, develop and build everything from our headquarters in Newbury (UK), our team is entirely responsible for the system you use. This enables us to give you rapid, comprehensive service and support in response to any technical challenge. We’re designed to be agile.


Our People
Emotion Systems is driven by a team of individuals that have immense experience in the Post Production, Broadcast and Film industries, as well as owning, building and running businesses on an international scale.

MC Patel - CEO

MC Patel - CEO


Small Print
Our full company name is “Emotion Broadcast Systems Ltd”, although we are better known under our trading name as “Emotion Systems”

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