AD Mix :  Descriptive Video (DVS) mix now available


Following a number of client request and discussions – as is typical of our product development style – we’ve added the ability to pre-mix an AD Mix track (audio descriptor / video description) to the Emotion Engine.


Whilst local broadcast regulations demand a certain percentage of audio commentary for the visually impaired, conventional broadcast systems have supplied a mono channel plus a control track to the set-top box, in addition to the programme audio. However VOD often depends on alternative delivery and therefore needs a new approach.


To solve this, Emotion automates the process through one of three modes of operation, any of which can be simply added to an existing workflow:

  1. The first is for a stereo .wav containing the description and the control on separate channels, plus a stereo .wav of the programme audio.
  2. The second is as above, but with an MXF file rather than a .wav carrying the programme audio.
  3. The third is an MXF file with the whole stream.


Because a user can configure the Engine to performs all track mapping and manipulation automatically, the new functions can simply be added as an an additional function to any existing or new workflow.


The facility has already been delivered to the customer and is shipping now with the latest version at http://emotion-systems.com/try/?var=engine





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