Audio File Manipulation


If you are using file-based workflows for playout, post, and broadcast, you know that both video processing and audio processing is required.


But lately, we’re getting more questions and calls about the increasingly massive requirement for what we call File Manipulation. What issues fall within the scope of File Manipulation?


1.     Adjusting the number of audio channels


2.     Track or Language Track replacement, with audio alignment


3.     Audio channel shuffling


4.     Dolby D/E Encode/Decode


5.     Changing the files stream structure


6.     Metadata insertion


7.     Auto channel detection (used to control subsequent processing)


Let’s talk about what’s happening with audio processing and file manipulation in your facility. If you have a particular audio issue you need to solve or if there something you wish you could do but haven’t found a way yet, let us talk. We can work with you to come up with a solution.

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