Automating iTunes authoring, mastering, and the new compliance requirements

If you authoring and mastering iTunes and using -24 LUFS as per the new spec, you may want to read on. (Here’s a link to Apple ‘s spec for ProRes Audio Channel Data Assignment and Levels, in case you’d like more detail.) 


We’ve heard that a lot of the clients who require transmission ready files also need the same content to be available for iTunes , as well as other online platforms. Post houses gear up for this by buying the video codec, maybe from Elemental or Telestream,  and then find they need to do something about the audio – and that is where a product like Engine becomes useful.


Preparing media for delivery in iTunes format can be a very complex process. Demands for the highest possible quality and consistency for customers means the requirements are rigorous, and may include processes such as Loudness compliance, channel mapping and channel labelling. Whilst parts of the process have to be done manually, Engine is capable of handling much of the audio requirements for you, and in a fully automated fashion.


Think about a typical ProRes delivery for a movie – the published movie contains surround sound, this must be included in the iTunes version and in the following layout.


In order to prepare your audio for iTunes, you may need to address Loudness Compliance, Channel Manipulation, Channel labelling, Channel Insertion and Channel Replacement. And you’ll certainly want to look into automating the process in order to make it repeatable and complaint every time.



We put together a new app note with technical details about iTunes audio authoring, mastering, and compliance. Click here to download it now.


We would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Please drop us and line about how you are using iTunes.  iain@emotion-systems.com



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