Emotion-Systems specialise in Software-Based applications that provide File-Based Signal processing for the Film and Television Industry.

Software Design Engineer : 

We are looking for graduates who are keen to design high-performance, easy-to-use software-based products for use in the television and radio industries. The ideal candidate would have good analytical and problem solving skills and would enjoy being a part of a small, enthusiastic team. We are an easy-going and fun loving company who take our products and customers seriously, and we pride ourselves on being leading edge, world-class solution providers.

Our software applications are designed to run on all platforms (Windows, OSS, Linux). We program in C++ and use the Qt development platform. We are also looking at developing web based clients using HTML 5.

You will get good experience in a demanding but supportive environment. Your rewards will increase significantly based on the success you bring to the company.

The successful candidate will:

  • Have a good Engineering, Mathematics or Physics degree;
  • Have some programming experience;
  • Be keen to work hard;
  • Be a problem solver;
  • Have good analytical skills;
  • Be a team player.

Apply to mc@emotion-systems.com or call 07887946363

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