Emotion Systems Partners with Utah Scientific

Emotion Systems and Utah Scientific logos

Every broadcaster has an infrastructure for doing file-based work for promo generation and content repackaging. And because of this, we’ve partnered with Utah Scientific in order to provide you with a “best-of-breed” solution for File-Based Audio Processing.   Utah Scientific has been providing best-of-breed Routers and Master Control ever since their inception. And lately, they have been innovating …

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Don’t Let Anything Stop You!

Chandni Patel of Emotion Systems in TVBE Mar full page

Jenny Priesley speaks to Chandni Patel, director of engineering, Emotion Systems, about finding her way in a man’s world in the March edition of TVBE Magazine Chandni Patel was never supposed to work in the technology industry. In fact, she says her path to director of engineering at digital workflow company Emotion Systems was “a …

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File-based processing… IP’s poor cousin? (Even though it handles 4K)

Everyone is trying to bring in IP based solutions, and it seems like a lot of perception is that IP is new, but really, it’s been around for a long time. The two strands of IP to my mind are real time use of IP, and non real time use. Every broadcaster has an infrastructure …

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4K, versioning, and file-based operational efficiency (new podcast interview)

MC talks about 4K, versioning, and industry trends in this exclusive interview with Dan Addy, Founder and Managing Director of DTT Broadcast.   Dan Addy: People are buying 4K TV’s just because that’s what everyone else is doing and that’s what the marketing tells them to do. If you go into a Currys PC World …

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What should I look for in file-based audio correction?

Emotion Systems - Loudness checklist learn about...

File-based audio correction presents a number of challenges. You may wish to work with a variety of media files, e.g. mov, wav, or different flavours of mxf files. The media file may have audio that isn’t solely programme content. For example, tone and silence at the beginning and residual audio at the end. A compliance …

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Loudness Compliance: The 10-Point Checklist

10 Point Loudness Compliance Checklist from Emotion Systems - Programme (Program) Loudness Compliance for post, television broadcast, and playout

Historically we had peak-level based (PPM) audio measurement and the compliance spec said we were not to pass a certain PPM level. Commercials exploited this by keeping the sound close to the maximum peak, and as a result, it was louder.   The new loudness specification Over the last few years, the audio specification has …

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