NAB 2018… customer tales from the year past

Premiere Digital uses Engine from Emotion Systems for channel tagging in post and broadcast

Most companies use NAB to announce new products, features or new releases. We at Emotion work differently. We are very customer driven and we are geared to deliver new features and product releases based on our customer requirements and so, I thought we would present our work (from last NAB to now) based on what …

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QuickTime MOV files with two MOOV atoms at Premiere Digital Services

MX1 Germany uses Engine from Emotion Systems for programme (program) loudness compliance in broadcast and post and this is the menu showing setting for the audio stream structure for the mxf file

Loudness compliance to a wide range of standards was required for a mixture of international and online delivery platforms at Premiere Digital Services. Premiere had QuickTime (QT) MOV files that had two MOOV atoms – these define different durations. Such files cannot be correctly processed by many existing tools so it was necessary to modify …

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MX1: loudness compliance with a wide range of Dolby E audio configurations

This is the workflow that MX1 Germany uses with its Engine from Emotion Systems that takes care of programme (program) loudness compliance in broadcast and post

MX1 in Germany needed to add loudness compliance to their file-based workflow, but their files contained a wide range of different Dolby E audio configurations. Their original approach had been to decode all of the Dolby E, carry out Loudness correction, then re-encode. Due to the number of different channel layouts, this was proving difficult …

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4K, versioning, and file-based operational efficiency (new podcast interview)

MC talks about 4K, versioning, and industry trends in this exclusive interview with Dan Addy, Founder and Managing Director of DTT Broadcast.   Dan Addy: People are buying 4K TV’s just because that’s what everyone else is doing and that’s what the marketing tells them to do. If you go into a Currys PC World …

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What should I look for in file-based audio correction?

Emotion Systems - Loudness checklist learn about...

File-based audio correction presents a number of challenges. You may wish to work with a variety of media files, e.g. mov, wav, or different flavours of mxf files. The media file may have audio that isn’t solely programme content. For example, tone and silence at the beginning and residual audio at the end. A compliance …

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Loudness Compliance: The 10-Point Checklist

10 Point Loudness Compliance Checklist from Emotion Systems - Programme (Program) Loudness Compliance for post, television broadcast, and playout

Historically we had peak-level based (PPM) audio measurement and the compliance spec said we were not to pass a certain PPM level. Commercials exploited this by keeping the sound close to the maximum peak, and as a result, it was louder.   The new loudness specification Over the last few years, the audio specification has …

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