DPP and File-based Audio for Cinema

     We do file-based audio processing… why is this relevant?  As you know you can’t go to the cinema right now; Hollywood make 1000 movies per year and Bollywood make even more per year.   People are very interested in taking these movies and presenting them as an online experience. But a really …

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HPA Tech Retreat: WFM and File-based Audio for Cinema

This is your invitation to join us at the HPA Tech Retreat 2021.  You can find us in the Innovation Zone (virtual booth), at the Roundtables, during scheduled demos, and pretty much all throughout the event. And if you won’t be at HPA but would like to set up a time to go over any …

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Webinar Replay – Audio Processing for A Better Home Movie Experience

                                          Sign up for the guide here Cindy Zuelsdorf: Let’s get started. Welcome, everybody. I’m so glad you’re here today. And hey, M.C. How’s your day going?   M.C: My day is good, busy and …

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Lockdown Doesn’t Mean Shutdown

Shutdown View

When we reflect on the past few weeks and consider the future, it seems evident that the changes in how we live and work are more significant than any advance in technology.   With so many of our homes and offices situated in crowded cities, the (partial?) work-from-home model may become the new normal. But …

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Audio File Manipulation

  If you are using file-based workflows for playout, post, and broadcast, you know that both video processing and audio processing is required.   But lately, we’re getting more questions and calls about the increasingly massive requirement for what we call File Manipulation. What issues fall within the scope of File Manipulation?   1.     Adjusting …

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Thank you for letting us know!

Here’s a new video from Iain that shows how to create an Engine workflow that takes a source 2 channel MXF file and turns it into the type of format that is typically required, and includes EBU R128 Loudness Compliance, and Dolby E encoding. Take a look!

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