Webinar Replay – Audio Processing for A Better Home Movie Experience

                                          Sign up for the guide here Cindy Zuelsdorf: Let’s get started. Welcome, everybody. I’m so glad you’re here today. And hey, M.C. How’s your day going?   M.C: My day is good, busy and …

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Webinar – Automated Audio Processing for One Master, Many Deliverables

one master many deliverables automated audio processing for files

Find out about the problems and challenges of delivering high-quality audio for a wide range of platforms in an automated and cost-effective manner. Get the inside scoop on real use case studies that show how Emotion have worked with customers to provide solutions that integrate into their workflows. You can download a free trial of …

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Webinar – Loudness for News and Promos

Do you ever see one of your news stories or promos go out and realize loudness wasn’t checked or corrected properly?   Even if you have hardware-based audio compliance sitting on your output, issues with loudness can still arise. Watch this webinar replay “Loudness for News and Promos,” from Emotion Systems to discover how to …

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File-based audio: Remote working for the new and unpredictable future webinar replay

Transcript Cindy: Welcome, everybody, to the Emotion Systems webinar on file-based audio, remote working for the new and unpredictable future.   So over the last few weeks, work practices have changed, and our customers have been asking us to work with them in new ways. And we’re going to get into that. And I’m here …

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Lockdown Doesn’t Mean Shutdown

Shutdown View

When we reflect on the past few weeks and consider the future, it seems evident that the changes in how we live and work are more significant than any advance in technology.   With so many of our homes and offices situated in crowded cities, the (partial?) work-from-home model may become the new normal. But …

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HPA Innovation Zone: Loudness for Netflix

Come by and talk with me at the HPA Innovation Zone in Feb! You can see Loudness and other solutions including Loudness for Netflix. (Are you interested in Loudness for Netflix – let us know!)   See it for yourself at HPA:   1. Solving duration-based Loudness for files with PCM and Dolby E (MX1)   …

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