Codecs supported

Eff supports a wide range of file types and codecs.

Eff supports several ‘flavours’ of WAV and AIFF, including Broadcast WAV (BWAV) and RF64, and can process TWOS and SOWT codecs.

Eff supports selected MPEG-2 Program Stream file where the audio is in MP2 format.

Eff supports all common video codecs, including DNxHD, DVCPRO and DVCPRO HD, ProRes in all commonly used versions, XDCAM format, and AVC-I. Eff also supports AS11 files as used in the DPP specifications. These formats are supported if the audio is provided within the wrapper in standard uncompressed format (ie PCM, LPCM, and AES)

Eff supports the Harris™ LXF format used with Nexio™ servers.

Eff supports the GXF format defined in SMPTE 360M/SMPTE RDD 14-2007.

Panasonic™ P2 (option)
Eff can be used with P2 filesets, either manually, or in a batch mode that can be configured to process all P2 filesets within a specified tree structure. This option includes reading the controlling XML files, and Eff can correctly read and write spanned audio MXF files. When Eff processes audio, the original MXF files can be moved to a backup folder, with the new MXF files being written into the source folder, using the original file names.

Dolby® E (option)
In conjunction with the Dolby E option, Eff can open a stereo pair containing a Dolby E structure (which can contain up to 8 channels of encoded audio), measure all the same parameters as for PCM audio, adjust the levels to meet user-configured thresholds, and create a new file in the original format with the revised Dolby E tracks. Eff will adjust the metadata in the new file to reflect the adjustments.


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