Dedicated P2 Support

Eff uniquely offers dedicated P2 support, available via an option.

Once P2 operation is selected, Eff directly opens the CONTENTS folder from a P2 fileset, reading all the XML files to determine which group and order of video and order clips comprise each program, then lets you automatically process the audio to ensure R128/TRB-32 compliance, even if the audio spans multiple MXF files.

P2 Clip Spanning

Each separate program within the fileset is identified, and its location within the spanned group of files displayed.

Eff can process all programs, measuring and adjusting each independently, or just selected programs.

All normal features of eFF are still available in P2 operation, including timecode specified in and out points to determine the region to measure and adjust, plus the full range of loudness, PPM and True peak measurements.

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