Delivering files for iTunes and similar
If you are delivering files for iTunes or other internet based delivery platforms, there have to be stringent requirements on the video and audio so that the end user receives the expected experience from the media.
For example, movies need to be 8 channel MOV files. If the cinematic release included surround sound this must be present in the iTunes deliverable on the first six channels, and it should be followed by the stereo.
Both the surround and the stereo soundtracks must be Loudness controlled to the specific iTunes requirement of -24 LKFS, and maximum peak levels of -6 db
Each audio channel must be labelled correctly.
Engine’s toolset includes flexible loudness compliance covering all worldwide standards, including iTunes, plus it has channel mapping capability, and can merge WAVs in to MOV files. Finally Engine also includes metadata insertion for channel labelling. All available Engine functions can be combined in to workflows, that are created with our easy to use graphical editor.
Once the required workflows are created you can use Engine’s built-in automation features to fully automate your audio processing. The range of tools includes multiple watch folders, API level integration to products such as Telestream Vantage and Aspera Orchestrator, or a SDK kit is available for you to create your own custom integration in to your MAM. Lastly a network client is also available, letting you access Engines power and resources from anywhere within your organisation.
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