EBU R128s1 Loudness Compliance (Eff and Engine trial download)

Recent changes in loudness recommendations by the EBU (R128s1) means that your short form content may need to comply to short term loudness. We have written a new loudness processor that allows program loudness and true peak compliance, and is also R128s1 compliant. The new processor also has an option for loudness range processing. We’d like to invite you to download a trial of Engine or Eff again (free) right now.


New for Loudness:


1. Commercials and promos 
If you do commercials and promos, you may want to download Engine to handle the new Short Term compliance requirements.


2. Regular content 
Engine and Eff take care of Program Loudness and True Peak. The True Peak processing has been revamped and everyone who’s seen it loves it.


3. Film
The new Loudness Range Processor is a perfect fit for film applications. If you work in film, you may want to download Engine and try it.



Click to download a trial of Engine


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Complete automated audio
processing solution.
Choose the modules you need.  Specifically for Loudness
Fits every budget.

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