eCODE – a File-Based Transcoder for Dolby E
eCODE is a software solution for Windows, OSX and Linux platforms, that provides faster than real time Dolby E transcoding from a source MXF/MOV file, and outputing to either a PCM WAV or Dolby E encoded WAV as appropriate.


eCODE has an easy to use graphical interface.
You create profiles of your chosen settings, and eCODE provides access to all Dolby E metadata, including program configurations and encoding parameters.
eCODE provides flexible, graphical tools for selecting channel layouts, providing complete flexibility.
Although eCODE is a ‘desktop’ tool, for manual encoding and decoding, all the features of eCODE are also available as an option for our eNGINE automation solution.

Note that Dolby E options for any Emotion Systems products are only supported on Intel based hardware. Dolby is not supported on other processors.

For more information, please contact us for a demonstration. If you just want to test our evaluation software, this is available here.

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