Engine in the Edit Suite
A comprehensive automation solution like Engine does not sound like a natural partner for an Edit suite – but it is!
The main Engine server can be controlled by a client application. The client software can be installed on Windows or Mac computers, with Linux also supported on specific request.

Engine with Eclient
The client software reads the available workflow profiles from Engine, and lets you choose your source file(s) to process with a selected workflow. The new file can be written to a configured folder, and full PDF reports are produced. The client application is called Eclient, and as many seats can be installed within your facility as required, subject to license. The great thing about Eclient is that files submitted for processing with Eclient are queued using the same management system as files from an attached integration system or watch folders, so that you are able to reuse the Engine server resource in a highly efficient manner.

Click to download example configuration sketch of Engine with multiple Eclient seats

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