stands for Emotion File Finish, and is a cost effective software application that ensures loudness compliance in file-based media. Eff complies with the latest standards, based on ITU-R BS.1770 and BS.1771, ATSC A-85, OP59, TRB-32 and EBU R128.

Eff supports AIFF, WAV, MOV, and (OP1a) MXF files, with 16 bit and 24 bit uncompressed audio, and up to 16 channels of audio. It supports MPG files with compressed MP2 audio tracks. SD, HD, 4K and UHD video resolutions are supported. Eff reads in an existing file, and compares the audio levels in the file with preconfigured profiles, and adjusts the audio levels up or down to meet your Program Loudness target.  Eff can also measure and correct for True Peak, Loudness Range (LRA), short term and momentary loudness, and legacy PPM.
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It is a frequent requirement within Post to create multiple versions of the same material, to supply to different markets. If the loudness or PPM requirements for the different deliverables are not identical, it has been an inconvenient and slow process to adjust the audio, and a manual process is prone to operator error. Using Eff, this becomes simple. Additionally, by configuring a number of profiles in Eff matching your standard delivery specifications, there is much less scope for errors.


When it is necessary to ensure files meet R128, it is rarely as simple as ensuring that a single threshold has been met. Typically for short form material, the audio must meet either a short term loudness and a long term (gated) loudness, or it must meet a momentary loudness and a long term (gated) loudness target simultaneously. In addition, almost every country that has adopted R128 also demands a that files meet a specification for True Peak as well. And of course we still think in terms of audio levels, so there may be a PPM requirement that is required. Whilst mixing audio, it is hard to watch multiple meters to ensure that all these different targets are being met. However with eFF, you don’t have to, as eFF quickly and easily adjusts the levels to meet all of the required compliance targets guaranteeing that the file will be acceptable for final broadcast.


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