eFF Loudness Compliance For Media Files – 15-2-15


Operation – Output the same format of media file as input

Media file support – MXF, QuickTime MOV, AIFF, WAV, DPP, LXF, GXF files

Speed – operates faster than realtime

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eFF from Emotion Systems

  • easy to use
  • measure and fix Loudness and True Peak within a media file
  • Loudness compliance to any worldwide standard
  • preserves the creative mix
  • supports different audio track layouts (mono, stereo, 5.1 surround)
  • pdf and xml reports for assured compliance and client feedback
  • optionally supports loudness compliance of Dolby® E encoded content

eFF is available in 3 different models

eFF measure – measure and report on measurements

eFF comply – measure, normalise Loudness level and fix True Peak, report

eFF comply with watchfolder – as eFF comply with the addition of Watchfolder operation

Automated loudness compliance is available as part of the Emotion eNGINE.


See what our customers have to say about eFF:

Customers already using eFF


Channel Layout

eFF supports a wide range of different audio track layouts


Loudness compliance under API control

eFF is a desktop solution and offers manual and watchfolder operation. Loudness compliance under API control is also available from Emotion Systems – the Emotion eNGINE.

eFF Technical Specifications

How to set up eFF

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