eFF Video Technology Preview at IBC 2012




Emotion Systems builds signal processing tools for file-based workflows. We have built a technology platform that allows many types of media files to be opened for analysis and processing of video, audio and metadata content.


The broadcast, post production and broader media markets are migrating towards file-based operation. That means there is a vast amount of new and archive content, that needs to be processed, crafted, repurposed and delivered across a broad range of delivery platforms. This significantly large amount of work has to be done by an ever-decreasing pool of manpower.


Emotion Systems is using its technology platform to provide a range of cost-effective, easy-to-use (automatable), high-quality tools to enable efficient and reliable file-based workflows.


eFF Scaler


Multi-platform, ‘second-screen’ delivery, and applications like iTunes and YouTube, require different resolutions. Traditional TV-based resolutions are no longer in majority use. Large SD archives need to be scaled for multiple-resolution delivery. Hardware solutions designed to achieve this are costly and increasingly impractical. In order to facilitate this requirement in a more cost-effective, efficient way, we have designed a file-based, high-quality video scaler.


eFF Scaler supports a variety of professional media files (MXF, QT, MOV, DPX) and creates new files in alternative resolutions, using a range of filtering technologies that are optimised to suit the required target resolutions as well as the types of source material.


eFF Scaler is designed to achieve real-time – or faster – operation and uses all the computational resources found in modern computing.


The application supports user-configurable profiles and is designed for use as a manual operation, within a watch folder system or via an external control using the API.


Media Analyser


As the majority of media assets are packaged to suit tape-based delivery standards, they contain preambles in the form of bars, tone, slates and black before start of essence. The end of program content also has frozen frames or black. Some files also have black frames in place of predetermined commercial insertion points.


For file-based delivery, it is necessary to identify Start of Essence (SOE) and End of Essence (EOE). The pre- and post-amble and black frames for commercial insertion points need to be identified and removed. At present this is largely a manual operation carried out in edit suites, which is expensive and inefficient.


eFF Media Analysis is a software application designed to improve the efficiency of content preparation. At IBC, we are previewing a toolset that comprises:


  • Shot detection
  • Black Frame detection
  • True Aspect Ratio Analysis

The resultant analysis is presented as a timecode-stamped XML report, identifying the relevant points of interest.




Having done the media analysis, the XML report is loaded onto ePlayer for quick visual review and approval. ePlayer is Emotion Systems’ flexible media player that is designed to play professional media files (MXF, QT, MOV, DPX). It is characterised by its ease of use and the inclusion of multiple timelines. Each media analysis module generates an XML that is imported and represented by its own timeline. The points of interest can then be quickly identified and visually verified. There is also a trim function to allow visually matched editing of each point of interest. The resultant timelines can then be exported as an XML for subsequent processing.



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