Emotion Systems Loudness Compliance Moves into Asia with Ideal Systems – 4-7-14

Emotion Systems’ has announced a technology partnership with Ideal Systems which was launched at BroadcastAsia 2014. eFF is a comprehensive loudness compliance application for media files and is now an integrated component within Ideal Systems’ SoftCast solution for operating and managing broadcast television channels.

“Loudness compliance is an important element in modern broadcast workflows and we are excited to be working with Emotion Systems to offer their proven eFF solution as a workflow option within our SoftCast MAM and ecosystem,” explained Fintan Mc Kiernan, CEO at Ideal Systems (Singapore).

SoftCast from Ideal Systems is a downloadable software based solution for broadcast television operators and offers a wide range of functionality including channel in a box, automation, ingest, playout, media asset management, traffic scheduling and ad sales.

“We have been steadily building our eFF customer base around the world and this further endorsement and partnership with Ideal Systems will help support our growing Asian customer base,” added MC Patel, CEO, Emotion Systems.


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