Here are some videos to help you get the most out of your Engine trial. 

Click on any of the following to jump straight to the required video, or scroll down to see all videos.

General “getting starting” information


Individual Module descriptions


More Complex Examples


Creating basic workflows


Using the Downmix module



Using the Upmix module


Using the Channel Mapping module


Using the Dolby E guard band correction module


Using the Dolby E Decode module


Using the Dolby E Encode module


A more detailed look at the Loudness module

More advanced loudness settings, how to create loudness measurement only workflows, and editing existing settings


Configuring Eflow (Windows) to allow operation of Watchfolders to run


Configuring Watch Folders in Engine


Configuring Conditional Workflows


Editing existing Workflows using Engine V7 software


Creating a multi stage workflow


Using Engine-Configurator to process a file


Stream and Metadata manipulation options


Using the File wrapping option



Using the Pitch adjustment module


Using the Channel layout and Silence Detection functions


Installing Engine on Windows platforms


Installing Engine on Apple Mac OS platforms


Introduction to Eclient


Using Upmix and Loudness, with channel growing

Workflows with multiple inputs, or multiple outputs, or both

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