eRAP logo-80px-wideis a tool for extracting audio tracks from media files such as MXF and MOV, embedding audio tracks into media files, and for remapping the audio channels already in media files. The name ‘eRAP’ comes from the concept of wrapping and unwrapping audio tracks from within a media file.

eRAP can open ‘folder-based’ filesets, such as P2 files, and regular media files such as MXF and MOV. Here is a screenshot showing an MXF file open in eRAP. The UI provides instant status information as the file is opened.
eRAP UI – Media selection

The most common application for eRAP is for channel mapping. Channel mapping can now be carried out in a faster than real time process. eRAP extracts any combination of audio tracks, then wraps them back into the media file in a new location. Imagine you have multiple stereo tracks in a file, corresponding to different language tracks. But to use a file in one country, you need to move the languages around. Conventionally you might have to convert the file back to baseband, play it through some hardware for channel mapping, then re-ingest. Now it can be done in eRAP in seconds, and with no generation loss on the video. The following channel mapping screenshot is probably more extreme than is typically required, but does illustrate how easy it is to re-order your audio. The available functionality will be further expanded by adding channel mapping presets, letting you store and recall common maps. Note that eRAP supports files with up to 16 channels of audio.
eRAP Channel Mapping

The other common usage for eRAP is to replace existing audio tracks with completely new audio. You may need to entirely replace some audio tracks in order to place a new language track into a file. You might need to extract an existing M&E track and over dub speech. You may need to add in an audio description track. Now all of these are possible, and without the time required to transcode the file twice! Here our screenshot shows two stereo wav files that will be wrapped into the original file, and are placed into channels 1&2, and 3&4. The other audio channels in the media file are unchanged, and the video remains 100% intact with no generation loss.
eRAP wav source

eRAP – fast and simple!
Click here for the initial eRAP Brochure
For more information, please contact us for a demonstration. If you just want to test our beta release, go to our downloads page

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