Ericsson France


Back in October 2013, Ericsson France were planning a brand new file-based playout facility. Their client, Canal Plus, was supplying content that required a number of audio workflows applied to MXF Files to ‘normalize’ the media and make it suitable for playout. The processing requirement of around 2,500 files a month meant that Emotion had to supply a system that was able to manage three files concurrently and have the ability to expand. The client had an urgent need, so Emotion provided a ‘hardwired’ solution by which the Tedial MAM could call up and activate individual workflows; the customer duly went to air on schedule and without difficulty.


The Emotion Systems Engine has been enhanced to provide further scalability (up to  files can be processed concurrently), onsite definable workflows using a simple and easy to use GUI and additional signal processing modules (up mix, down mix, AD Mix). This development allows increased flexibility  control and scale without reprogramming the MAM System.


Ericsson France

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