From the summer of love to the summer of hope…

It was 50 years ago that Sgt. Pepper called the band to play… and the result was one of the greatest albums of all time. That was the summer of love.


This year has had its dark moments, but some of the recent events fill me with the thought that it will be the summer of hope.


On one of my many long flights, I read George Martin’s excellent book “Summer of Love: The making of Sgt. Pepper.” I was astounded by the time, the trouble, and the truly innovative manner with which they made this amazing album. The pain that they endured to make this album must have been excruciatingly frustrating; but what a masterpiece.

We at Emotion Systems, on the other hand, try and work hard to simplify and automate monotonous and repetitive tasks in order to take the drag out and free up the creatives to be… well, cool and creative. Our File Based Audio Processing System “Engine” is now being used by a wide range of customers in far flung environments (and it feels great!) …even when you have 64 channels. Just as a total distraction, sending an early Birthday Greeting and a bottle of wine to a dear friend of mine who was conceived just before the summer of love 🙂 And if you’re reading this, I expect an email back!



Lucy in the sky with diamonds, a beautiful song that was tarnished by the culture of the time – how politically correct is that 🙂

And in the present time, whilst some in our industry are finding that living is easy with eyes closed, The Cloud seems to be flavour of the day, and we are happy to be working with a number of customers who are on that boat on the river with tangerine trees and marmalade skies – they are actually on a very good trip and…



One of our customers has built a large private cloud based playout centre, another is processing and delivering short form content to clients. Both are using Emotion Systems for their audio processing.



Fixing a hole (in our customer’s files) was clearly on the agenda when we were approached for a solution to problems with an archive with 1.2 million assets. One of the many challenges was that their QuickTime files had multiple moov atoms but they only wanted to keep one. Additionally, the audio layout in their QuickTime files was a mix of interleave, stereo, and mono. They used Engine to automate the file processing, ending up with a consistent file and audio structure with a single moov atom. Just because most of their files are both 5.1 and Stereo (not just stereo), so they break everything down to a 8 channel mono structure.


We do this day in and day out, listening to our customers, responding with what they need, and doing it all in a collaborative matter just ….. a day in life.

As for me, it takes me back to my youth when I first really fell in love with audio.

This is your invitation to join Arqiva, Ericsson, Dolby, Honeycomb, and all of the rest…. Your audio processing requirements can be solved today. Click here to get your 10 day trial of Engine.

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