Leo Ticheli mixes TV spots faster with Eff


This full-service production and post company in Birmingham Alabama were an early adopter of Eff, which they took to heart amongst their ‘family of professionals’ after a recommendation by a client.


The facility had been using a Dolby meter to measure loudness, but the results weren’t consistent with the LKFS measurements used by their quality control team. They trialled Eff and found it to be a lot faster and easier to measure each TV spot that they mixed. The parameter options also matched up exactly to their own quality control.


“It’s a simple program that runs in the background without ever crashing and it keeps us from worrying about whether or not our TV spots are at the FCC approved volume.” Says Clint Jones, Senior Audio Engineer “We got our settings from the QC people and use those, so for us it’s just click, click, click. It’s become an everyday thing that just runs in the background. We simply run through the process and hit one more button to check the overall volume using LKFS measurement.”

 Clint Jones, Senior Audio Engineer at Leo Ticheli Productions

Clint Jones, Senior Audio Engineer

Leo Ticheli bought their first system two years ago and have renewed their support regularly.

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