HPA Innovation Zone: Loudness for Netflix

Come by and talk with me at the HPA Innovation Zone in Feb! You can see Loudness and other solutions including Loudness for Netflix. (Are you interested in Loudness for Netflix – let us know!)

HPA and Loudness for Netflix


See it for yourself at HPA:


1. Solving duration-based Loudness for files with PCM and Dolby E (MX1)


2. Repackag

ing QuickTime MOV files with two MOOV atoms (Premiere Digital Services)

3. Creating a UHD/ATMOS workflow with guard band correction of MXF files containing Dolby ED2


4. Canal+ have MXF files that contain Dolby E encoded audio descriptor (commentary) tracks, and these have to be replaced with different commentary to suit the target language. (Canal+)


5.Cloud and on prem demonstrations (Honeycomb)


6.Redundant configurations for file-based audio processing where Engine is wholly controlled by tools such as a MAM, Aspera, or Telestream Vantage.


Do you have a particular audio issue you need to solve? Is there something you wish you could do, but haven’t found a way yet? If you have problems that you wish to share and discuss with us, we’d love to hear them and work with you to come up with a solution. Let me know!

See you at HPA 2019,



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