If you tried our file-based audio software, here’s some new info for you

About our file-based audio processing software, Engine, there are quite a few updates and additions since you took a look at it. You might want to try Engine again. Here are some highlights:

  1. New loudness processor handles short-term and momentary loudness. Check off your EBU R128 and DPP requirements.
  2. New LRA – loudness range processing. Carefully calculated compression to deal with any combination of loudness parameters.
  3. New Audio Description (AD) This saves the day when delivering content to mobile devices that do not contain hardware to generate the AD soundtrack
  4. Need more channels? Have too many channels? Grow and shrink channels easily. Now you can go from 2 to 16 channels in a snap.
  5. Need to integrate with Telestream Vantage? Get details on our new Vantage connector here.
  6. Check this page for even more applicationss. You’ll find details on upmix, Dolby encoding, channel muting…

If you prepare content for delivery and have new and increasing workflow requirements or projects, let’s talk. Tell us what your needs are and give us a sense of what you need. Let’s solve it!

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