Improve Operational Efficiency_ Use your edit suite just for creative work

Free up your edit suites: automate audio processing

• Save time and money by using your edit suite just for the creative process.

• Automated processing is faster than real time and requires no supervision.

• Loudness processing in eNGINE does not modify the audio mix. The quality of the audio mix is preserved.

• Audio processing does not modify the video or File Structure. (Processing in the edit suite requires the video to be decoded and the file to be repackaged.)

• Time-consuming operations such as Dolby encoding and decoding, and language versioning can all be automated by Engine.

Engine streamlines critically important processes in broadcast and post production, without compromising the quality of the output or the levels of
service and support that you and your clients require. Our first step has been to find a cost­effective way to tackle the processing of audio files so that this
becomes faster and easier.


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