Paid Invoices

Invoice #StatusDescriptionInvoice TotalDate IssuedPaidAmount Due[memb_list_invoices paid=”1″ unpaid=”0″][/memb_list_invoices]

%%invoice.id%% %%pay.status%% %%description%% $%%invoice.total%% %%date.created%% $%%total.paid%% $%%amount.due%%

Unpaid Invoices

Invoice #StatusDescriptionInvoice TotalPaidAmount DueDue Date  [memb_list_invoices paid=”0″ unpaid=”1″][/memb_list_invoices]

%%invoice.id%% %%pay.status%% %%description%% $%%invoice.total%% $%%total.paid%% $%%amount.due%% %%date.due%% %%creditcard.dropdown%% %%submit%%

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