Emotion Systems has two products for achieving Loudness Compliance

eFF is our ‘desktop’ tool, designed for manual and interactive operation, although it can be used with a watchfolder. The results of analysis are presented in the UI, along with measurements, logs and graphs. You can request a PDF report if required. Based upon the analysis, you decide whether to correct the file, and select this from the UI.
eNGINE is our automation tool, designed for use with large volumes of content, either using watchfolders (four as standard, with up to sixteen available), or for API control from a custom MAM, or by control from tools like Telestream’s Vantage. As an automation tool
Both eFF and eNGINE use the exact same technology for loudness measurement and correction, and have very similar dialogs for configuring settings.
Measurement settings start by choosing a Loudness Standard. Appropriate defaults then automatically appear, and you can adjust as needed.
Correction settings would normally be to Normalise Program Loudness, and to correct True Peaks. We also have a window function that would be used if the content as a lineup tone at the start.

Where the products differ is that a profile in eFF configures the channel layout to assign, based upon the number of audio channels detected in the file. For example, you specify that if eight tracks of audio are present, treat them as four stereo pairs, or treat them as a 5.1 followed by a stereo. However, in eNGINE, which is designed to carry out multiple processing steps if required, you define a separate workflow for each possible channel layout. So for the examples just given, you could create two workflows.

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