Manual or Watchfolder?

Eff is a manually operated tool, where you select files from a regular file-open dialog, and measure and process those files.  However if you have larger numbers of files, this may not be adequate for your needs.  In these instances, we have a Watch Folder version of Eff Comply.

The watch folder works in conjunction with a user configured profile, at any location on the local system, or on the connected network.

File filters are provided if the watch folder is intended to only be used with a limited range of file types.

Watch folder configuration is very flexible. Files that already meet the target can be renamed, and/or moved to an output folder.


Files that fail can be corrected to meet the target thresholds, as well as being renamed and moved to a new location.


Eff can also generate a range of reports and graphs, which can be provided as XML or PDF, including a daily summary report.



If you need larger scale automation, you should look at our Engine audio server, which includes a REST API, the option to work with up to 32 watch folders, and can be integrated with Telestream Vantage, Aspera Orchestrator and other workflow tools.


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