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• New Loudness Processing
No matter where in the world you are delivering content, audio delivery specifications are evolving. To satisfy this requirement our new loudness processor handles needs for short form, cinema, and TV programming. And if you have a legal obligation for compliance our new, enhanced reporting has you covered. And it’s all shipping and in use right now.

– Use for short form, cinema, and TV programming
– New tone detection
– More detailed reporting – new detailed csv report

• New Stream Processing Module
Package a stereo pair as a single as opposed to 2 monos.

• New File Wrapping
Engine will wrap m2v + wav to create an MXF file.

• New Audio Channel Add / Remove
Take a 40 audio channel MXF file and select which 8 channels you want to use to create and 8 channel MXF and variations thereof.

• New Language Tagging
Reading, writing, and editing channel labeling and language tagging.

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