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Emotion Systems are again exhibiting at NAB this year, on stand N3719, from 16th to 19th April.


We will be using NAB to showcase the latest enhancements to eFF, including our unique ‘multi-file’ capability, which lets eFF calculate and correct a 5.1 loudness value based on a group of separate wav files. We will also demonstrate how eFF can solve A85 loudness needs even in media files with multiple audio tracks.

Also at NAB we will be exhibiting the second generation ingest and layback tools from Blue Lucy Media. The ‘Muira’ toolset covers all aspects of ingest, transcode and layback, and can now be bundled with optional QC tools. Muira is now used by several companies who were looking for high end features, but were fed up with the prices being charged by major manufacturers, and were looking for a cost-effective alternative. Customers include ITV and BT, as well as many small facilities.

Please contact us at sales@emotion-systems.com if you wish to find out more, or to arrange a meeting at the show.


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