Perfect Pitch for Audio Frame Rate Conversion

A lot of high-quality content is shot at 24 frames a second and then converted to 25 or 30/29.97 frames a second for distribution. A convenient way to preserve quality is to do this as a speed change to 25, and 3:2 pull down for 30/29.97. This way, the video quality is preserved.

Perfect Pitch frame rate conversion


But, what about the audio? The challenge is to provide the speed change from 24 to 25 and preserve perfect pitch.


We’ve had numerous requests from customers to provide high-quality audio frame rate conversion and have been working closely with them to perform critical tests. And now we’re ready to go!


Just for a bit of fun, I processed some Beach Boys and The Beatles. It sounded great. And Iain took it to another level with Mozart – he has better ears than I do and he too was happy.



But don’t take our word for it, we’d be happy for you to try Engine and let us know if it works for you. We’d love your feedback. Download a free trial here.


And the best bit is… we can automate this, and the workflow can be plugged into your Telestream Vantage, too.


Emotion Systems

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