Operating System and Hardware Support

Eff is compatible with Windows 8.1 or newer together with Windows Server 2012 or newer, and Intel-based Mac OS for OS versions 10.8 up to 10.13. From V6.5, Eff on Windows is a 64 bit application and so only compatible with 64 bit versions of Windows.

In terms of required hardware, Eff is very fast, in particular for audio only files, so a fairly basic computer is fine. For MOV and MXF files, which could exceed a few GB in size, then a faster system would be preferable, but a basic laptop is suitable for evaluation purposes. The number of channels of audio has a major effect on processing times. For example a MXF file with four stereo pairs will take about four times longer to process than a similar file containing just one stereo pair. Dolby® E encoded soundtracks are also slower to analyse, as Eff has to decode the audio to PCM, measure, then correct, then re-encode the processed audio.

Emotion Systems products can only be used on computers built with Intel-based hardware.

We recommend using a monitor with 1920 * 1080 resolution or greater, to allow proper access to the user interface.

An increasingly large number of facilities are now using Eff, so if you are interested, it might be worth asking others for their views! Alternatively, we do have short term evaluation versions available for both Windows and Mac platforms, so please contact us.

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