Emotion Systems Press Clippings

 18th July 2012 – Emotion Systems to show eFF Audio at IBC 2012

 July 2012 – Broadcast Engineering eFF

  July 2012 – A tricky business

 28th June 2012 – Emotion Systems IBC 2012 Preview

 27th June 2012 – Emotion Systems to Show eFF Audio at IBC 2012

 25th June 2012 – Emotion adds MXF loudness

 18th June 2012 – Emotion Systems adds new functionality to eFF

 12th June 2012 – Emotion File Finish eFF para resolver os problemas de loudness em ficheiros

June 2012 – On a wave of Emotion

21st May 2012 – Broadcast Asia Preview

14th May 2012 – Emotion Systems to feature eFF at BroadcastAsia

May 2012 – Emotion Systems at NAB

April 2012 – The answer to file based loudness violations

April 2012 – eFF shocks Munky

 16th April 2012 – Emotion Systems Shows eFF Audio Loudness Solution at 2012 NAB Show

March 2012 – NAB preview

21st March 2012 – Emotion Systems eFF Shocks Munky

 March 2012 – Our copyright licensing system is not fit for purpose

 22nd March 2012 – Smoke & Mirrors Deploys “eFF”icient New Product from Emotion Systems

 20th March 2012 – London’s Smoke & Mirrors Installs eFF Loudness Software

 9th March 2012 – Emotion Show Audio Solutions At NAB

27th February 2012 – Emotion Systems Addresses Loudness at CABSAT

23rd February 2012 – Emotion Systems Answers File-Based Loudness Question at NAB 2012

The Future, 23rd February 2012 – Emotion Systems Answers File-Based Loudness Question at NAB 2012

23rd February 2012 – Emotion at NAB

 22nd February 2012 – BVE 2012 audio roundup

BVE 2012 20th February 2012 – The Mill Orders Emotion Systems’ “eFF” Automatic Loudness Analysis and Repair System

16th February 2012 – First Emotion system for The Mill

 15th February 2012 – First Emotion system for The Mill

January 2012 – Audio loudness for video post

January 2012 – Emotion at BVE 2012
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