Emotion Systems have the following products available.

Eff – A desktop tool that is used to measure and subsequently correct, the loudness of individual files. It is intended for low volume applications, such as up to ten hours of content per day. Eff is a cost effective tool, compliant to a range of standards including EBU R128/ATSC A85/TR-B32. Eff supports MXF, MOV, MPG (PS), LXF, GXF, WAV and AIFF files, as well as Dolby E or Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus encoded audio.
Eff with Watchfolder – Using the watch folder means that Eff can be left unattended and process files constantly throughout the day. Suitable for up to 20 or so hours of content per day.
Engine – includes all the loudness features of Eff, but has much wider capabilities, available as option modules, including Dolby E transcode, channel mapping, Upmix and Downmix, stream and metadata manipulation and much more. Engine is scalable, with comprehensive watch folder and API facilities, and can be used with high volumes, of up to 200 hours of content per day. Note that this is a guideline only as the types of media being processed and the selected options will affect the total throughput.
Engine Cloud. A variation on our standard product that is targeted at cloud environments such as Amazon AWS.

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