This page contains useful links and downloads.
See this page for Engine Videos
Eff introduction
Engine Presentation
Loudness Products Checklist
Newsletters can be found here
Information on Engine Modules
Description of Engine modules
Loudness Factbook
Dolby E Factbook
App Notes
Engine for iTunes
Engine Playout
Engine VOD
File Wrapping
Engine Control Mechanisms
Engine Vantage Integration
Engine Instant Automation
Case Studies
Dolby Encode Case Study
French Broadcaster Case Study
Loudness Case Study
UK Broadcaster Dolby Encode in WAV
Graphic showing some current customers
User Manuals
Eff User Manual V7
Engine Brochure
Eff Brochure
Contact Advice
You use the following email addresses for requests relating to commercial discussions.
For technical requests, such as licensing issues, or to get answers for ‘how do I…’ etc, please contact
The office phone number is +44 (0)1635 522 786

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