SMPTE 2018 (video)

We exhibited at SMPTE in Los Angeles; Dayna from postPerspective and SMPTE Live came by to interview us.  We showed Eff – simple, automated CALM and loudness compliance for broadcasters. And we showed how post and playout facilities are using Engine to automate audio processing  – channel shuffling, pitch shifting, and our new Dolby Digital Plus processing.



Dayna:                      Hello, we are live here at SMPTE 2018. Very happy to have you with us this afternoon on day two of the conference, thank you for being with us Cindy.


Cindy:                      Hey, Dayna, thank you so much.


Dayna:                      And this is going to be for folks who, couldn’t make it to the conference but want to see who’s exhibiting. Can you maybe give them a little overview of Emotion Systems?


Cindy:                      Yes, at Emotion Systems, we’re working with people who have MXF or MOV files, where the finished file is done and then you need to make a change to the audio. So maybe you need to get in adjust the file so it’s calm compliant, or shuffle channels, or do some pitch adjustment, that kind of thing.


Dayna:                      Great and do you know how long the company’s been around?


Cindy:                      Yes, five-plus years at this point.


Dayna:                      Okay, very exciting. And what do you guys have on display? What are you exhibiting here at the show?


Cindy:                      So we have two things. One is Eff. And so that software is especially for broadcasters, folks who find, “Hey, I’m not calm compliant on my promos. I’ve got spots that need the audio normalized, that kind of thing.” So super simple, nice, automated system for calm and loudness compliant so that’s one of them.


Dayna:                      Great and the second one?


Cindy:                      So if you like the first one, the second one is even more awesome, Dayna. It’s Engine – it takes your finished files and then you can do your shuffling audio… and new for this show, we have Dolby Digital Plus, so we’ve got the encoding and decoding here, and that’s brand new. Pitch shifting’s been really popular with people who are doing standards conversion, film that type of thing. And then we end up working with people at Smoke and Mirrors, the Mill, Turner, and other play-out, post, and broadcast facilities or hubs that need to do audio processing.


Dayna:                      Okay. Great. Well thank you Cindy for joining us this afternoon and that’s all. Saying good bye from SMPTE Live 2018.

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