The eNGINE – Audio Solutions For Media Files Made Easy.


The eNGINE is a file-based, automated signal processing system for processing and handling audio tracks within broadcast media files- MXF, QuickTime MOV, DPP.

Download a fully-functioning, 10-day, trial of eNGINE now.

eNGINE from Emotion Systems

  • Easy to use
  • Flexible, fast and easy to set up and edit complex workflow sequences
  • Configure eSP to only include the functions that you require – purchase only what you need – loudness compliance, Track remapping & replicate, Track mute, Dolby® E encoding and Upmix & Downmix
  • Add additional eSPs to the eNGINE to increase file throughput
  • Operate manually, with watch folders and API

In the example shown – loudness compliance to 2 different loudness profiles, Dolby® E encoding and track copying. Sequences such as these can be set up quickly and easily.


eSP – is the Emotion Signal Processor which can be configured to include:

  • Loudness compliance to any worldwide standard including EBU R128
  • Track remapping, replicate and mute
  • Dolby® E encoding
  • Dolby® E decoding
  • Upmix (stereo to 5.1 Surround)
  • Downmix (5.1 Surround to stereo)
  • 16+ Audio channels

The Emotion Engine can be operated in a number of ways:-
API – interface and control the eNGINE in an automated environment using the eNGINE’s REST API interface
Watchfolder – use multiple watchfolders – 4 as standard, up to 16 as options. Each watchfolder can be linked to a different workflow sequence
Manual – operate the eNGINE manually by selecting the workflow sequence and input file

Using the eNGINE, complex sequenced workflows can be conducted quickly and efficiently.

Increase the workflow through the eNGINE by adding additional eSPs whilst eFLOW within the eNGINE, performs load balancing and interprets API commands.

Watch this video explaining how to configure your eNGINE

This next video provides a more in depth look at some of the configuration possibilities

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